Monday, April 27, 2009

{a tribute: Momita and her city, Granada}

Momita, 2008 on one of her courtyards with the dogs.
She was the Matriarch of my father's side of the family, and the oldest living person in Granada, Nicaragua, at 106 years old. My brother Andres, and my Dad were both there when she gave way to old age yesterday- in her birth home (literally the house she was born in), with friends and family at her side. Andres sent these pictures back of her beautiful home (and the home my father grew up in), and felt compelled to show them in tribute to a wonderful woman who lived a simple and good life. Something we all should strive for.

The foyer opening to the main inner courtyards.

Very old original tiles.

Beautiful 100+ year old tile floors.

Formal dining room has views to both pool and center courtyard.

Living room with 14 foot ceilings.

The center courtyard from which all rooms open up to.

Facing the pool courtyard from the formal dining room.

Out to the lush Courtyard.

The Cathedral of Xalteva, Granada built in 1583 a block from Grandma's house

Morning in Granada.

Lake Granada in the distance. The only fresh water lake in the world with sharks.

The house under construction is typical of Granada with a center courtyard/garden with all rooms facing it. Most homes don't have windows facing the street, just large doors which people keep open during the day to socialize with passersby.

The rich colors and Colonial architecture are everywhere.

A grand doorway.

More of the Old City...the oldest in all the America's.

This is a great Arts school right off Central Square

It has an amazing tile face of a German painter from way back when.

They sell the paintings made by the students in a shop nearby.

They also teach guitar,

and violin.

Church of La Merced built 1534.

This is the lifesize Jesus in a glass casket that was in Grandmas bedroom when we were children, and used to scare my brother Andy.
Now it sits at the entrance to the Church of La Merced.
In the belltower.

The handles that ring the church bells.

All Photos and some copy courtesy of Andres Enriquez

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